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India part 4? First Morning
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Skipping ahead a bit. Disclaimers about accuracy still apply.

I woke up at 3 am local time and jet-lag kept me from falling back asleep. Having nothing else to do, I lay around my hotel room futilely for a while, before finally giving up on sleep around 5 am. My room was on the second floor, and the hallway was open, so it made a nice balcony. I stood there for an hour watching the sun rise over Delhi. As the sun came up, parakeets flew over city. Rhesus monkeys scrambled over rooftops. This was the first time I had seen monkeys outside of a zoo, so I watched in fascination. At about 6, I went for a walk. There were few people on the street that early, and none of them were white or female. I attracted a lot of stares. The simple act of going for a walk proved to be a bit of a challenge as there was no real sidewalk to walk on, just a partly broken curb. A pile of dung that might have come from an elephant lay in the street. As time wore on one or two women came out, but still no foreigners. And Lonely Planet had said that there would be tourist in this area. I finally turned back to the hotel in hopes of getting breakfast.


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