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New Year's Resolutions
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Ordinarily I don't do these, but since I'm starting college again it seemed like a good time for a fresh start. 2010 really sucked. I spent my time sitting around my parents house on my ass and failing to get a job. The job market sucks.

1. Exercise at least 26 days a month. Consisting of either A.) a formal class or B.) a combination of yoga or stretching with two of the following: walking at least 1/2 mile, upper body work-out, crunches, or hard physical labor.
2. Get my driver's license. Should have done this already.
3. Study Hindi at least twice a week.
4. Write at least twice a week.
5. Diet, kind of. Eat three good meals a day. Drink milk with every one unless at a restaurant. One small snack per day. Only two items/servings of junk food.
6. Volunteer at the Hospital at least 5 hours per week.
7. Finish that mini-tricorne I was making.
8. Overcome my damn internet addiction.
9. Find a source of income.

That's all for now. I may add more later. I'm thinking about doing a monthly progress post.


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